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GAIA / Full spectrum
The GAIA Package is a holistic, full spectrum pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. It includes prenatal sessions, birth attendance and postpartum support. A focus on birth preparation, fear release and deep postpartum care after the birth. Placenta encapsulation services are also included at your request. You can expect the full experience with GAIA. A mother to the mothers, she will hold you during each stage of your journey and see you through the other side in your strength and power. Feel her wisdom throughout with comprehensive pregnancy, birth and postpartum guidance. Relax into her comforting, earthly embrace and allow motherhood to become you. I have limited availability for the GAIA experience, please contact me to reserve your due month before it is gone.
Investment: $2200 (inc. GST).
Conscious Conception & Fertility Coaching
1 on 1 sessions to dive deep and strategise a path to conceiving your spirit baby.
Whether you are looking to start preconception preparation, already trying or have been diagnosed with infertility, these sessions are to help you see a way forward and have a plan in place for your conception journey.
Covering all things fertility related such as preconception preparation, cleansing, nutrition, herbal medicine, cycle charting, conscious conception, conception rituals, spiritual and emotional preparation and connecting with your spirit baby, these sessions are tailored to your individual needs. Couples sessions are also available.
Investment $160 per session (via zoom).
Placenta Services
Utilise the benefits of placenta consumption with the option of placenta capsules, placenta tincture, placenta chocolate or fresh placenta smoothies. Basic package includes capsules, placenta print and cord keepsake: $300.
Add a tincture or chocolate for $30.
Placenta smoothie service: $150 (includes one smoothie made immediately postpartum plus placenta preparation to freeze and prepare your own smoothies ongoing).
Lactation cookies are also available for an additional $15 (home made fresh to order, vegan and GF options available).
Acupuncture for women's health, fertility, pregnancy, labour & birth and postpartum. Can be helpful in conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS, morning sickness, pregnancy body pains, heartburn and reflux, labour prep (cervical ripening and softening, uterine toning, optimal foetal positioning), stress, fatigue, low milk supply, blocked ducts, mastitis, baby blues, postpartum anxiety and depression, postnatal depletion, baby colic, reflux and sleep issues. Home visits for late pregnancy and postpartum clients available upon request.
Initial consult $100
Follow up $80
Chinese abdominal massage (fertility) $120
Book multiple sessions at a discounted rate.
Virtual Doula and Pregnancy Support Sessions
1 on 1 virtual pregnancy support available to all pregnant and birthing people. 
Mother warming & Matrescence ceremony
Observing a period of rest following birth complete with healing foods and nourishing bodywork is incredibly important for the longterm health and wellbeing of mother and baby.
Mother warming is a traditional Chinese therapy for healing after birth which includes lots of delicious abdominal moxa, medicinal herbal tea and wrapping of the belly.
Matrescence ceremony (formerly known as closing the bones) is another traditional therapy observed by many different cultures in slightly different ways. It serves to acknowledge the end of the rest period and honour the transition into motherhood by preparing the mother for the outside world and consolidating her birth and first forty days.
$200 per session (home visit).

Honouring the sacred journey of matrescence - the birth of mothers.

Welcome Mama. I'm Casey Hone. Birth and postpartum doula, Acupuncturist, Yoga teacher and spirit baby intuitive.

My passion is seeing women thrive in their transition to motherhood, not simply survive it. Our modern western culture can be a hostile place to create and raise a family and it reflects in the rates of postpartum mental health disorders. As a society, we can do so much better. Children are the future but mothers are the gatekeepers. If our mothers are not well rested, loved and nourished, our future generations won't be either - the world's health and wellbeing begins with mums.


"Casey’s support and guidance provided me with the confidence I needed to have a calm and positive birth - even though I never got to meet her in person! Casey reached out to me after I posted on a parenting group about difficulties with my care provider near the end of my pregnancy. She offered support, suggestions, reading material and calm guidance as I navigated a stressful situation where my care provider tried to push me into a birth plan that I didn’t agree with. In spite of being on different continents, she answered my questions quickly and provided birth expertise and emotional support.In the end, with her support even during my labor, I was able to feel in control of my choices and calmly and peacefully deliver my son. I can’t begin to thank her for the peace of mind she brought to me during such a difficult time."

Jen K

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