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Birth mentoring sessions can also be booked on an as needed basis. We can cover anything relevant to your needs that's included in the program in single 90 minute sessions.

These single sessions are ideal for women who are closer to birth than the 12 week program will allow and anyone who is seeking clarity but does not feel they need a full program to access it.

Birth mentoring single session 90 mins


Seeking an autonomous, powerful and radically intuitive birth but don't know where to start?

Join me for a 12 week mentoring program where I will walk beside you in sisterhood and gently guide you towards your vision of birthing in power and reclaiming the wildness that you KNOW resides within. Pregnancy and birth are an epic rite of passage and you deserve to do it the way you desire, NOT the way you've been told you have to.

This program is not for you if you need someone to tell you what to do and how to do it. 

This program IS for you if you desire sisterly support and someone to guide you back to your authority, power and intuition.

I will help you navigate the industrial birth system and guide you into your confidence with making decisions against the status quo.

I will help you release fears that are getting in the way of your inner knowing.

I will help you silence the noise to find clarity and peace.

I will help you take back your authority over your body, baby and birth.

I will help you prepare for your autonomous, intuitive birth!

What will my support look like? Holistic coaching methods; weekly inner work exercises; 6 1:1 sessions with me via zoom; flower remedies posted to you as needed for transforming emotional/spiritual hurdles; access to my extensive online resources and books; unlimited email support during the 12 week program and regular check ins up to 6 weeks postpartum. All will be applied to your individual needs.

Investment: $1200. Please contact me for enquiries, bookings and to organise a payment plan if needed.


Birth debriefing is a powerful tool for women to process their birth experience(s) and have much needed space held for them to do so. To be heard by someone who understands birth trauma and be free from judgement.

I will walk with you through your processing and gently guide you towards a deeper understanding of what transpired. No matter how recent or long ago you birthed, debriefing is always incredibly healing.

These sessions can be especially helpful if you are fearful or anxious of repeating the same experience with a current pregnancy and would like to move back towards trust in your body and your intuition to birth without fear.

Allow 1.5-2hrs for a session. $140


Acupuncture for women's health, fertility, pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum.

Can be helpful in conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS, morning sickness, pregnancy body pains, heartburn and reflux, labour prep (cervical ripening and softening, uterine toning, optimal foetal positioning), stress, fatigue, low milk supply, blocked ducts, mastitis, baby blues, postpartum anxiety and depression, postnatal depletion, baby colic, reflux and sleep issues.


Home visits for late pregnancy and postpartum clients available upon request.

Initial consult $120

Follow up $90

Herbal formulas may be prescribed at extra cost (price varies between formulas).


Chinese abdominal massage (fertility) $120.


Book multiple sessions at a discounted rate.


Honouring the sacred journey of matrescence - the birth of mothers.

Welcome Mama, I'm Casey Hone. Birth doula and mentor, Acupuncturist, Yoga teacher and spirit baby intuitive.

My passion is seeing women thrive in their transition to motherhood, not simply survive it. Pregnancy, birth and postpartum are huge rites of passage and my desire is to see women supported through approaching these times from a place of power, inner knowing and autonomy. 13 Moons is about being WITH WOMEN through their whole journey from conception to birth and beyond.

"Peace on earth, begins with birth."

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