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Newborn Baby with Mom


Nourishing mothers through pregnancy, birth, postpartum & the fourth trimester

The sacred time of pregnancy, birth and postpartum is the most vulnerable yet most powerful time of a woman's life. The way a woman is treated and cared for during these stages sets the tone for her experience as a mother and the rest of her life. It is my passion to serve women in their transition to motherhood, ensure they are nourished, supported and respected so that they may take to motherhood knowing and trusting in their abilities. Please contact me or read below to find out more about my services as a doula.



Acupuncturist, Doula, Yoga teacher: my passions have and always will lie in holistic women's health. Before becoming a Doula, I studied Chinese medicine and have been working as an Acupuncturist in private practice since 2017. I have served mostly women from the beginning, helping them conceive and carry healthy pregnancies to term. It made sense to naturally progress further into serving pregnancy, birth and postpartum as I entered motherhood myself. After my own experience with this transition, I realised the huge need there is for doulas and birth keepers in our current maternity care crisis. Serving women during these most precious and vulnerable times is so important to me. I studied as a doula and birth keeper, lactation counsellor and placenta specialist as well as drawing on my own knowledge and study of Ayurveda and expertise in Chinese medicine to create a unique and nourishing experience for mothers and their babies. My guiding philosophy as a doula is that women feel so well looked after, nourished and respected that they are able to relax fully into pregnancy and motherhood, care for their newborn babies and trust deeply in their mothers intuition.

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This is a free, casual phone call appointment. We will discuss all your wants, needs and desires for the birth and/or postpartum experience you envision and see if we're the right fit for each other!


$2000 (payment plans available at request)

The GAIA Package is a holistic, full spectrum pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. It includes prenatal sessions, birth attendance and postpartum support. You can expect the full experience with GAIA. A mother to the mothers, she will hold you during each stage of your journey and see you through the other side in your strength and power. Feel her wisdom throughout with guidance on nutrition, herbal support, optimal foetal positioning, fear release, birth preparation, birth keeping (all kinds of births), acupuncture, massage, Ayurvedic food, lactation support, newborn care, placenta services and more. Relax into her comforting, earthly embrace and allow motherhood to become you. I have limited availability for the GAIA experience and can only take on one birth per month from March 2020. If you are pregnant and are due next year, March onwards, please contact me to reserve your due month before it is gone. Prenatal appointments begin as soon as you enter GAIA's earthly arms.


$900 (payment plans available at request)

The LETO package is a delicious postpartum experience complete with 4 weeks of in house care, home cooked Ayurvedic meals and fourth trimester guidance. She will feed you and care for you beneath the shade of her palm tree. Her golden warmth is a welcome element to your postpartum experience. Including herbal and nutritional support, acupressure massage, mother warming, belly binding, birth debriefing, lactation assistance and additional placenta services if you wish, LETO will hold you softly in this precious and vulnerable time while you navigate the vast isles of motherhood. The LETO experience is open for women due from now, onwards. I have limited availability to only four women per month so please contact me to reserve your spot.



Not looking for the full LETO experience but would love a week's worth of Ayurvedic homemade and hand delivered meals? The postpartum meal service is available at your convenience. Weekly menus available at request. All orders must be in by 12pm Saturdays for delivery on Mondays. Vegan and gluten free options available.


Placenta Encapsulation $300
Placenta Tincture $250 
Both $330
Lactation cookies $15

Placenta encapsulation service includes placenta capsules, placenta print and cord keepsake. Travel fee of $50 may apply to some areas. Lactation cookies are also available for an additional $15 (home made fresh to order, vegan option available).


$115 home visit

Lactation counselling is beneficial for women embarking on their breastfeeding journey post-birth, for education and preparation before baby comes, latch assistance, breastfeeding nutrition, troubleshooting, support and creating a plan to achieve your breastfeeding goals. All sessions include a batch of freshly baked lactation cookies (dietary requirements accommodated).


Minimum $60 spend

Postpartum care boxes are a beautiful gift to a mother you know or to yourself post-birth. These boxes can be filled with the postpartum essentials like nipple balm, lactation treats, herbal healing products and more. They can also be created with a specific need in mind such as cesarean care or breastfeeding. Minimum spend on a box is $50 and the sky is the limit with how much you spend and how deluxe you'd like the box to be.


$100 per visit or $400 for 5 visits

Prenatal home visits are available for pregnancy support, birth preparation, fear release, basic nutritional and herbal support, breastfeeding and baby care preparation, books for loan and any other kind of support, information or guidance that you may need.



Having a birth plan and preferences for your birth is so important to having an empowering and positive experience. We can go through all your options and come up with a comprehensive but simple to follow birth plan for your team. All kinds of births catered for: home birth, hospital birth, c-section, multiples and free birth.



To help you release your fears surrounding your upcoming birth and surrender to the process, using various techniques such as guided meditation and flower essences.

Please contact me for more details on these services and to book. Discounts apply when booking multiple services.


“My guiding philosophy as a doula is that women feel so well looked after, nourished and respected that they are able to relax fully into pregnancy and motherhood, care for their newborn babies and trust deeply in their mothers intuition.”

Casey Hone



Casey’s wealth of knowledge on pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery as well as what to expect with a newborn was exactly what I needed. She helped me to feel as prepared as possible, so I approached my birth experience feeling confident. Casey had a calming effect in the birthing room.
Casey’s demeanour is one of strength, support, flexibility and nurture. After myself and my partner, Casey was the first to hold our baby. She’s been an important presence in his life since then and I know she’ll continue to be. What was of particular benefit to me was debriefing with Casey. She helped me make sense of everything that happened in the birthing room so I could begin the healing process.
Casey’s knowledge, support, professionalism and genuine love for what she does is second to none. Choosing Casey to be part of bringing my beautiful baby boy earth-side is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


Casey’s support and guidance provided me with the confidence I needed to have a calm and positive birth - even though I never got to meet her in person!
Casey reached out to me after I posted on a parenting group about difficulties with my care provider near the end of my pregnancy. She offered support, suggestions, reading material and calm guidance as I navigated a stressful situation where my care provider tried to push me into a birth plan that I didn’t agree with. In spite of being on different continents, she answered my questions quickly and provided birth expertise and emotional support.
In the end, with her support even during my labor, I was able to feel in control of my choices and calmly and peacefully deliver my son. I can’t begin to thank her for the peace of mind she brought to me during such a difficult time ❤️


I am so incredibly grateful to have stumbled across your services Casey!! Not only did you put together a beautifully suitable, fitting & cost effective package for me for my early postpartum days....but you also were happy to share your knowledge around birth with me, and for a new customer, you were incredibly supportive and kind...I haven’t even met you but I know you are meant to be doing this kind of work and will be such a great service to all mothers needing this kind of nurturing before, during and after birth... Thankyou again! ❤️




Melbourne, VIC

0423 321 663