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My Path as a healer has led me here; to step into myself and my power as the womb witch. For as long as I remember I have been listening to the calls of wombs. 

As a young girl before puberty I was fascinated with the female body. With the womb, the menstrual cycle, womanhood. I prayed every day for my period to come so that I could become a woman. Little did I know that my journey into womanhood would be a tough one.

From day one my cycles were painful, heavy and irregular. The pain would sometimes have me vomiting or close to it. In hindsight I see the lessons now that I had to learn. I had to have a difficult journey with my moon time in order to get to where I am today.

To develop the passion, the knowledge, the expertise I needed to have something to work for. That something was my own womb. I had to have something driving me. I was determined to heal myself and heal myself is what I did. But not before I had learned some powerful lessons.

I went on to study Naturopathy and Chinese medicine after school and developed a broad knowledge base of alternative and natural healing methods. Herbs, acupuncture, yoga, massage, essential oils, crystals. I learnt about and tried it all. But I was still lost in my struggle with my cycles.

In 2015 I was diagnosed with PCOS after going off the pill. I had all this healing knowledge and tried lots of things inconsistently but I just wasn't ready to learn the lesson yet. I was healing, my cycles were becoming more regular, my skin was mostly clear and I was definitely more balanced but it took me another year or so before I REALLY got it. Another year or so of healing and improving before it all became so obvious to me. 

My REAL problem and the same for every other woman out there is DISCONNECT. Disconnect from their bodies, their hearts and their wombs. 

Our wombs have the answers. Our hearts have the answers. They are constantly sending us messages. Womb issues are messages. They are requests from our wombs to LISTEN and make changes.


If you were connected to your womb, to your intuition, you would not have so many struggles. You would be able to listen and know what foods she wants, what kind of movement she needs, when to drink water, when to spend time in nature. All these things our wombs know but we don't listen because we are bombarded with confusing information (often on purpose) and we don't trust ourselves.

YOU have the power within to heal and to learn to listen to these messages. You CAN and SHOULD be able to trust yourself and your own womb wisdom. 

This is where I now come in. My job is to reconnect you with your womb. Where all this wisdom lies. Where all the self healing abilities live within a woman. The womb is the centre of our being. By listening to her we can heal many things.

Through my studies in plant medicines, Chinese medicine, Reiki, yoga, shamanism, coaching, energy work and my past lives and ancestral lines of healing and witch craft, I have developed a unique and intuitive style of healing the womb.


Each night in my dreams, more is revealed to me. More knowledge, more remembrance, more awakening.

Your womb is speaking and it is time to listen.

The journey awaits... 


"Casey is sweet, kind, gentle, embodied and full of heart centred wisdom. I love connecting with her and appreciate her intuitive guidance and distance healing. She's truly magic."

Julia V.

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