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a 6 month mentorship guided by the planetary bodies

to illuminate your depths, re-program your mind and liberate your soul so that you can return to your most authentic, abundant and limitless self.

Over the course of 6 months, we will be guided by the sacred soul map that is your natal chart to uncover your shadow, limiting beliefs, re-program your mind, change your reality and systematically remove obstacles that are preventing you from returning to who you truly are at a soul-level.

This process unlocks the limitless nature of your soul that you came here to experience.

When we are born, each of us is given a sacred map, a guidance system based on the frequency we were assigned. This frequency comes from the combined energetic signature of how all the planets and celestial bodies in our solar system were placed at the time you were born. Each planet emits its own frequency, further fine-tuned by how it is placed. The combination of all these frequencies comes together to form a very unique signature that we vibrate back out into the cosmos. Nothing we touch is unaffected by us. We may not perceive it but everything we think, say and do has an impact on the world around us. We are just unable to see what is happening at this quantum level. It is invisible to our naked eye but it is there and it is powerful.

From here, the world around us is influenced by our perception of it and the more we confirm our beliefs about it, the more it will present itself to us in this perceived form. In other words, what you are constantly giving attention and energy to (whether conscious or not), you are creating over and over again as your reality.


The most amazing news is that you have access to this map and its ability to change your life for the better. Each part of it can guide you to your inner belief systems and show you why you perceive the world the way you do. It will guide us through programming to do with your relationships, your family, sex, your sacred work, your purpose, your perception of yourself, money and so much more.

It is so powerful because it provides us with a framework that reduces overwhelm. We can relax into the knowing that this framework will help us delve into the deepest parts of ourselves without worrying about where to go next. It's all laid out for us, and we can go through it many times throughout our lives. It is a spiritual path of its own and other cultures know this. They have been using astrology for thousands of years to deepen their spiritual work and move towards liberation. That is how powerful this map really is. 


Through each session as we identify the limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are running your current version of reality, I will guide you through powerful re-programming techniques to change them at a subconscious level. I use shadow work, somatic hypnosis, mind-body medicine and quantum healing tools to nurture your transformation. 

Mentorship outline:

Every fortnight for 6 months, we will meet for a transformative 1:1 session to uncover each aspect of your life and discover the path of your soul's growth and unfolding. The first four sessions will focus on the lessons of your past lives, the next four will focus on the lessons of your present incarnation and the last four will focus on moving your soul forward towards fulfilment. 

Each area will bring up certain lessons, limiting beliefs and blockages.



Week 1: Pluto - we delve into the soul's desires in previous lives.

Week 2: South node - uncovering the egos that the soul created in previous lives.

Week 3: Moon - what your soul has learned and is bringing forward into this life as its self image.

Week 4: Chiron - we illuminate where you struggle to move beyond your wounding.


Week 5: Your Sun - illuminating the life force that drives you that needs to flow unblocked.

Week 6: Your Venus - opening your feminine energy, relationships and money.

Week 7: Mars - Your masculine energy, desires and wants.

Week 8: Your Mercury - how you think, communicate and analyse.


Week 9: Pluto-polarity-point - the intention of the soul in this life to evolve beyond old patterns of attachment and security.

Week 10: North node - focus for your soul to be fulfilled.

Week 11: Ascendant - the school of the soul in this life.

Week 12: Midheaven and nadir - the soul's right livelihood and roots.