Using your Cosmic Blueprint to brand your social media and business, makes you MAGNETIC. It gets you SEEN.

We all know how hard it can be to reach our ideal audience on Instagram these days. The algorithm has made it more difficult than ever! But I see this as a good thing. It's forcing us to turn back inwards and align ENERGETICALLY with ourselves, our businesses and our audiences. We all know there's nothing more alluring than an authentic, embodied human being!

You may have tried copying the branding styles of other successful businesses on instagram and wondered why they don't work for you. Here's why: because they're not an ENERGETIC MATCH and people can sense this from a mile away. Your vibe speaks before you do. People want YOU. They want to feel and connect with your energy and when it's a match with who you are at a CORE LEVEL, they feel this and they want to be in your world. They can sense when you're imitating others and it doesn't feel good. It repels.

In just 14 days using my own Cosmic Blueprint, I increased my reach by over 400% and my engagement by over 300%!! This is how simple it can be and more reach and engagement equals more potential clients for your business!

Through Astrology and Human Design, you can uncover the theme and vibe for your brand AND the strategy you should be using to share it with your audience. This is important because unlocking your energetic signature and using it in your business is how people find you, how they see you and how they RESONATE with you.

In 3x 1:1 sessions with me you will know exactly what your brand colours, vibe and themes are  AND exactly how you need to be showing up on social media to get your business SEEN. This can include content topics, themes and even how to use your energetic signature to create and share posts, stories and reels.

What the program includes: 

  • 3x 1:1 sessions with me of up to 2 hours each.

  • Sessions spread over 6 weeks to integrate and embody your blueprint.

  • A channeled water ritual to facilitate the integration and awakening of your energetic signature.

  • Optional add-on of unlimited (during business hours) q&a Voxer support in between sessions ($444)

Exchange for this service: $555 or 2 monthly payments of $280.

ENROLMENT CLOSES FRIDAY 17th 8pm AEST and there are only 5 SPACES!!