Rebirth, Success & Self-Mastery Mentoring

For the divine feminine woman who wants mentorship and high calibre support in creating WILD levels of success & the woman who wants to completely transform her life, relationships, career, health and become the master of herself.

This is for you.

Consider me your REBIRTH, SUCCESS and SELF MASTERY doula.

The work we do together will be deep and transformational. Whatever you desire to get out of your mentorship, the container with me is so powerful I can tell you that if you do the work with your whole heart, YOU WILL get to where you wanna go.

If it's crazy, sexy, success you want to achieve (whatever that looks like for you) or a total decimation and rebirth of self, a mentorship with me is your access to the shifts, the growth, the transformation and the rebirth you seek. I am here to hold you accountable, illuminate your blind spots, walk with you through your shadow and help you create MAJOR shifts in your beautiful life.

A mentorship journey with me is for you if you don't want it to be easy, you want it to be LIFE CHANGING. Ease is on the other side, for sure. But getting there can be the most juicy, chaotic, deep, dark, Kali Goddess shit ever if you want it to be. Come with me through the fire and rise like a PHOENIX.

You are struggling to overcome fear and reach your next level. You desire deeply nourishing and respectful relationships but keep getting crumbs instead. You know you are capable and deserving of an abundant income and being financially free but money remains so elusive. It could be anything that you just KEEP experiencing in your personal or professional life.

Whatever it is, if you keep coming up against the same blockages, the same life themes, the same limiting beliefs, over and OVER again, you know it is time to take the big, beautiful (and probably scary) steps toward turning these patterns around FOR GOOD.

Shadow work, astrology, human design, gene keys and quantum healing are some of the powerful mediums through which we will do this sacred and transformational work. Through which you can truly, once and for all create the massive shifts in your life and/or business that you've been seeking.

Don't wait any longer, darling.

You have the option of a 1.5 month, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month mentorship container with me. Sessions will be once a fortnight with telegram support in between.


Flexible, long-term payment plans are available by request. I want to make this accessible for women while still honouring the need to be compensated for my work.


If you are ready for REBIRTH, SUCCESS AND SELF-MASTERY, we will curate your journey forward during the free Alignment Call and get started immediately.

Lots of love xx

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