Times are changing

Healing steps...

What the journey includes...

You've felt it no doubt. A new age is on the horizon. A future where women have fully emerged from the shadows. Unapologetically themselves. Stepping into their femininity. Leading, working and loving in a different way.


You're ready to step into this way of being and living but you don't know how. You can feel the wild, raw and heart led woman within but you don't know how to let her out. And if you have let her out, you haven't learnt how to live with her or through her. You want to embody a new feminine way of being in all aspects of your life. You want to claim your BIRTH RIGHT.

If you feel lost, scared, alone, disempowered, unloved or unseen, have menstrual irregularities, pain or other gynaecological disorders, low energy, sex drive and/or self esteem then please keep reading...

Discovering my divine feminine power has changed my life. I healed a lot of emotional and mental blockages, low self esteem, irregular cycles, pain and relationships. In fact I am still healing every day through this wonderful path. Unfortunately, to discover the right healing path for me I had to go through A LOT of trial and error and spend too much money when I didn't need to. I want to save you all of that trouble and stress and bring you straight to the source of healing: your intuition and divine feminine power. Once you have learnt to connect with and have access to these gifts you were born with, the healing accelerates because you finally know exactly what it is you need to do, personally, to HEAL.


Through my Journey to the Goddess within, I realised that it is my birthright to live this way and it's yours too! Over many generations and lifetimes, the inherent power within each of us has been lost. It has been hidden from us. The toxic masculine took hold and we went into hiding. We have the right to take back what has been taken from us. You see, the power within women is unsurmountable. We are magical and strong and kind and intuitive and incredibly smart. We love in a different way, think differently, feel differently, work, eat, sleep and even lead differently. Unfortunately we've been told that different is bad. But it's not! It's just different. It's a different path to the same destination. 

With the toxic masculine holding the balance of power, we've learnt to play along. Working our asses off and being constantly stressed is the status quo. We were taught that we had to hustle in order to be successful. There doesn't seem to be any other way of being.


Through living this go-go-go, hustle mentality, our relationships suffer, our menstrual cycles, our self esteem, our bodies, our health all suffer. We were not designed to live this way. We were designed to follow the cycles of the moon, listen to the call of our heart, weave our soul through everything we do and feel a sense of ease and flow. 

If you're suffering from menstrual irregularities, gynaecological disorders, low self esteem, lack of passion for every day life, low sex drive, health problems and low energy then you NEED to connect with and embody your divine feminine powers. You deserve to live in a state of EASE and FLOW. Your body will thrive, your mind will blossom and your heart will crack open! Your intuition will guide you and heal you in all aspects of your life. You will be able to eat intuitively, schedule rest and alone time without feeling guilt, empower yourself and develop a strong sense of self esteem, balance your hormones and regulate your cycle, follow a career path that you love, end the cycle of unhealthy relationships and make HEART-BASED decisions.

Are you ready to discover and nurture the Goddess within? Are you ready to live through your heart? To develop strong intuition? To feed your body accordingly, heal emotional blocks and become a strong, independent and empowered woman in this modern world? If this divine feminine way of being really speaks to you, please get in touch or book a free session straight up and we will discuss how best I can help you.

During the program I will work with you intuitively and guide you through the process to...

+Open your heart, connect with your divine femininity and develop your intuition.

+Slow down your mind and make heart-led decisions.

+Discover, identify and heal your mental and emotional blocks.

+Developstrong sense of self-esteem, nurture positive thought patterns and create self love practices.

+Become empowered through your divine feminine powers and intuition.

+Create and implement daily rituals and routines to stay forever connected to the Goddess within.

+Heal your womb, hormones and menstrual cycle through ancient wisdom and healing practices

+Connect with your guides and angels to facilitate healing, decision making and receive guidance.

+8 x 60 minute coaching sessions 

Every second week we will come together and take the journey back to yourself.

+Valuable resources

You will have lifetime access to a dropbox folder containing many resources, worksheets and templates to guide your own personal transformation during and after the coaching program has ended.

+Guided meditations

In every coaching session I will guide you through a heart-led, nurturing and transformational meditation.

+Unlimited email support

You will have my personal support during the duration of the coaching program for anything that may arise.

+Membership to 'The Journey of the Goddess' private Facebook group

This is a private support group where women going through the journey can come together, support each other, connect and share their growth.

+1 x 60 minute follow up session

Use this session within 3 months of completing the program for any support or guidance you need going forward.


Energy exchange: 8x fortnightly payments of $55.50 AUD, 4 x monthly payments of $111 AUD or one full payment of $444 AUD. 

(Payment plan option incurs small processing fees)