The Way of the Empress is an 8-week course on conscious conception and womb healing for all women committed to consciously nurturing and bringing new souls into the world.

This is a powerful course unlike anything else, designed for the modern day Empress who wishes to heal her body, mind and shen (spirit) and consciously prepare for a child. 

You will learn ancient fertility wisdom based on Chinese medicine and Taoism to prepare the 'Palace of the Child' (uterus) for pregnancy with womb healing techniques and yoga, how to eat and live the Empress way, harmonise your energy centres, conscious sex practices to optimise fertility and conception potential and so much more.

The course is designed to be complete and builds on itself each week so that by the end of the 8 weeks you will be completely transformed and clear on your fertility and conception journey ahead

All women are welcome, whether you're already trying to conceive or you're planning to in the near (or far) future, or if you're undergoing IVF or other assisted reproduction. All wombs need healing. All women can benefit from the Empress Way.

In this 8 week course you will learn how to:
-Perform a womb healing yoga sequence
-Use plant medicines to prepare the womb for pregnancy
-Have sex consciously to optimise conception potential
-Call down the soul of your child
-Heal and balance your chakras
-Apply self massage to heal your womb
-Use flower essences to remove emotional blockages
-Perform ancient womb healing techniques
-Connect with your womb and heal any wounds you have associated with her
-Practice womb and yoni healing with a jade egg

-Optimise and heal your fertility 


Week 1. Opening ceremony. Initiation into The Way of the Empress. 


Week 2. Zigong: The Palace of the Child. Learn about the uterus, menstrual cycle, fertility signs and self healing massage.

Week 3. The Jade Egg. Using a Jade egg to heal your yoni and how to perform other yoni healing techniques like yoni steaming.


Week 4. The Bao Mai: Heart - Uterus tether. The importance of a healthy mind and spirit in conception and why you can't conceive if your heart and uterus are not connected.


Week 5. The Middle Way. Heal thy temple the Empress Way with Taoist diet and lifestyle principles.


Week 6. Calling down the soul. Learn how to perform a ceremony to call down the soul of the child you are going to conceive. 


Week 7. Conscious consummation. Taoist sex practices to optimise chances of conception.


Week 8. Closing ceremony. Blessings. 

All course materials included (total value $191):
-A flower essence remedy tailored to your specific emotional needs
-Herbal yoni steaming blend
-Fertility boosting essential oil blend
-Jade egg
-Course manual to keep forever
-20% off any private acupuncture treatments booked with Casey during duration of program.

Spaces are limited so reserve your spot quickly! Course begins 20th May 2018 and runs every Sunday evening from 5-7pm until 8th July.

Course cost: $444 (non-refundable deposit of $111). Payment plans available, contact Casey directly to organise. Incurs a small processing fee.

About the facilitator:
Casey Hone is an Acupuncturist and Doctor of Chinese medicine with a special focus on fertility, pregnancy and women's health in her practice. Her goal is to help women heal their minds and bodies, optimise their fertility, have healthy stress free pregnancies and bring healthy children into the world, consciously. Casey also coaches women through their fertility and pregnancy journeys and provides love and support to women during these often stressful times of their lives.

Contact: for any queries regarding the course, booking and payment plans, please contact Casey directly on 0423 321 663 or email